Guide: How to accept Facebook page admin invite. (6 easy steps with images and videos to follow.)

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How to accept a Facebook admin request in 6 easy steps.

For your business to promote itself on Facebook, you need a business Facebook page and a Facebook ad account. If you’re working with a social media marketing agency, you will need to give them access to your page and ad account.

There are multiple ways for a social media marketing agency to get access to your business Facebook page but the most common is for them to send you a request to manage the page. We’re going to show you how to easily accept a Facebook page admin invite from a marketing partner or agency.

There will be a lot of clicking but you should be able to complete these 6 easy steps in just a few minutes.

If you get a Facebook notification letting you know someone has requested admin access to your page, you can click on the notification and skip the first 3 steps listed here.

Facebook notification for admin access.

Step 1: Access your Facebook business page.

Once you are logged into Facebook, click the down arrow that is at the top and far right of your screen. (see the image below)

Once you click the down arrow, you will see a list of the pages that you manage.

If you manage more than one page, you will see multiple options. In the example image, we only manage one page.

Select the page you want the agency to manage for you by clicking on it.

Clicking on the page will take you to the Facebook page.

Step 2: Access your Facebook page settings.

The option to set Facebook page roles and to give access to an agency that is managing your page is in the page settings.

Facebook Page Settings

Access to the page settings in near to top right hand corner. Look for the word, “settings”, just to the left of the help menu item.

Click on “settings” and it will take you to the Facebook page settings. The page settings menu is where you will control most of the options for your Facebook business page. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest coming back and going over each option to make sure it is setup the way you want.

Step 3: Go to Facebook page roles.

Look for the “Page Roles” menu on the right hand side.

The page roles section will show you who has access to your page, what level of access they have. This is also where you can add people, remove people, and accept a Facebook page admin request.

You should audit page access quarterly to make sure you haven’t forgotten to remove someone with access after they have left your organization or no longer need access.

Step 4: Approve admin access.

Now that you are on the page roles settings page, you will be able to see the request from the social media marketing partner you are working with.

You should see a section called, “Pending Partner Requests.” This section will show the logo of the company you are working with and it will have a button that says, “Respond to Request.”

Make sure that you are expecting an admin access request from your marketing partner, verify that the name and logo match what is on your marketing partners Facebook page.

If you’re sure this is a legitimate request, click the, “Respond to Request” button.

Step 5: Grant access to your page.

You will see a pop-up that again shows the logo and name of your Facebook marketing partner.

Facebook pop-up to confirm access

Click on the button with the check mark to grant access.

Step 6: Final confirmation to grant access to your page.

This may seem like a lot of clicking but Facebook wants to make sure you don’t give access to someone who shouldn’t have access. So, they give you one final screen to confirm access.

If you’re sure you want to grant access, click the blue button that says, “Approve Request”

That is it. You’re done.

Now that you approved access:

There is a lot of clicking to approve Facebook page admin requests but it’s easy as long as you know where to go. This guide should have made it quick and simple.

Remember how to access your page roles section (or bookmark this page) so you can audit page access.

This is also where you will go revoke access to people or agencies who no longer need to manager your page.